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mt. gox launches bitcoin checkout for merchants

from the press release:

Since our beloved crypto-currency mushroomed in popularity last summer, we’ve seen many trail blazing merchants start accepting bitcoin; however admittedly, we haven’t seen the kind of bitcoin adoption in the online marketplace we expected to see. We feel this is largely because a critical element - a feature rich, quick to launch, checkout solution - was missing for merchants to easily start accepting bitcoin. With this in mind, we at Mt.Gox decided to take a kick at the can to see if we could dream up a solution that takes the head-ache out receiving payments in bitcoin. While we were at it, we also managed to find a way to remove all of the merchant-specific risk too…

We are pleased to announce the amalgamation of our efforts in the form of a definitive bitcoin checkout solution, and we’re finally ready to show it off in all of it’s bare-bones glory.

With Mt.Gox checkout merchants are able to easily integrate bitcoin into their existing e-Commerce platform. We’ll be kicking things off by offering a downloadable Magento plugin within the next 2 weeks, but plan to develop plugins for other popular e-Commerce solutions to bring bitcoin to all corners of the web. As for now, we have put up the documentation for early adopters on Mt.Gox’s bitcoin wiki page under the Merchant API section: MtGox API: Merchant System

A little more about Mt.Gox checkout:

  • Transactions are ridiculously free
  • Customers can pay in BTC from their Bitcoin program (6 confirmations)
  • Mt.Gox account holders can pay from their Mt.Gox accounts, allowing for instant checkout (and impulse buys, oh my’s)
  • Pay instantly via Mt.Gox Mobile’s QR scanner (great for people who don’t want to pay from their office workstation!)
  • Split payment capabilities: Wanna go halfers with your buddy on alpaca socks…now you can!
  • Partial payments: If you don’t have enough in your bitcoin program, you can top off the payment with your Mt.Gox BTC balance (or vice versa)
  • (Soon) Bitcoin prices are displayed in real-time relative to the merchants listed price in a traditional currency (USD, EUR, etc.)
  • (Soon) An instant trade-on-receipt function that cashes out bitcoins in 1 of 16 currencies
  • (Soon) Easily embed the “Mt.Gox Checkout” button into your existing checkout page.

We are really, really excited to offer this solution to existing merchants, and know it will be a huge boon to the bitcoin marketplace over the next few months.

There really isn’t a reason to suffer using Paypal any longer; bitcoin is here in a merchant friendly package, so we invite you to see the whole checkout process thanks to these videos :

Vimeo Video link : https://vimeo.com/38020923
YouTube Video Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luEEC3tZQXI

Questions and feedback are welcome at checkout@mtgox.com


The Mt.Gox Team

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